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Maverick Series

LED T12 Lamp - Integrated LED Driver – 360 and 180 degrees

The Maverick™ Series LED T12 Lamp is a great solution for internal-lit signs. With an integrated driver, there is no more need for a remote driver. Just by-pass the existing ballast and bring the live AC line to the existing sockets. The Maverick Series lamps come in lengths from 2’ –10’ and 3 different base choices, Single Pin, Bi-Pin and Recessed Double Contact (RDC). Product is designed to replace less-efficient T12 fluorescent lamps in fluorescent Signs, back-lit street name signs, exterior T12 linear strips in store soffits, and maintenance areas. Lamp is used outdoors in damp environments. Easy installation adds further savings.

Key Features


2' - 8'

120 LPW


7 Year Warranty

80 CRI



Aluminum extrusion with UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens in clear or frosted finish. 120 degree adjustable end caps for optimized light distribution.


UV-stabilized, injection-molded, impact resistant, clear transparent or frosted polycarbonate lens with symmetrical optical control for broad light distribution.


Utilizes high-efficiency LEDs.  5000 Kelvin temperature standard, with additional color temperatures also available.  High efficiency driver operates 100V through 277V, 50-60HZ. Integral surge protection standard and tested in accordance with IEEE/ANSI C62.41.2 to Category C.


Base configurations are Recessed Double Contact (standard), Single-Pin, and Bi-Pin.  All are designed to fit into existing T12 fluorescent sockets. LED Driver is inside of Lamp, therefore eliminating the need to install a remote driver. Simply by-pass the existing ballast and install per the wiring diagram on this brochure.