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VM5, a LED market leader in innovative LED lighting, designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor, industrial and commercial LED solutions.
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Linear Universal LED Fixture

The Victoria™ Series LUF (Linear Universal Fixture) is another breakthrough innovation delivered by VM5 Lighting Solutions. Available in 1’, 4’ and 8’ linear lengths and a 7 inch 90 degree corner connector, along with several mounting options and a wide variety of lumen packages makes this product an industry first solution. This elegant and robust design can be used in a multitude of lighting applications. Each Section comes with integrated drivers and a patented male/female integrated connector for easy installation and a continuous run of light without dark spots. Perfectly suited for c-store, grocery, retail, cove and industrial applications.

Key Features

Low Power

90° Corner

3000K, 4000K & 5000K


Medium Power


UL/DLC (pending)


7 Year Warranty

High Power

1', 4' & 8' Lenghts

Waterproof Quick Connect



UV-stabilized, injection molded, impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser with symmetrical 120 degree beam angle. Lumen Packages available in 500, 1000 and 1620 lumens per foot. 90+ CRI and 110+ Lumens Per Watt. 5000 Kelvin temperature standard with additional color temperatures also available.


Utilizes high efficiency LEDs mounted to metal core circuit boards. Integrated High Efficiency Driver operates 120 through 277V 50/60 Hz. Integral surge protection standard and tested in accordance with IEEE/ANSI standards. UL waterproof male/female connectors. Dimming and emergency back-up options available.


Simple and fast installation delivered by flexible options such as surface or suspension mounting. UL approved waterproof male/female quick connect for continuous lengths.